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Our philosophy and who we are!

We offer the highest quality and service.  The safety, comfort and satisfaction of our customers is paramount.

We work according to the PADI diving system as this is the most comprehensive teaching systems in the world with years of research and development behind it.

The PADI system is well structured with a vast array of exceptional training aids.

With personalized professional training we aim to make you feel relaxed and fully prepared before you progress to the next step.

We are not in the business of rushing our customers towards their certification.

We keep our professional to student ratios low and teach you as individuals, not numbers.

We’re in the business of providing a great experience and inspire love and respect for nature.

We’re passionate about the world of scuba diving and hope you become so too.

Meet the team



I’m the owner and manager of One Two Dive and speak Spanish, English, Italian, and some German. I’ve 12 years of professional diving experience in the best diving paradises around the world. I can teach numerous specialties such as: Side-mount, Cave, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Navigation, Deep and Nitrox.

I´m also a licensed gas-blender and maintenance technician for all scuba equipment and compressors.

If you want to learn more about the aspects of diving that can help you to become a better diver please call +34 672 027 168 or e-mail Alex@12dive.com.



One Two Dive is my company with my philosophy. I’ve 10 years of professional diving experience all around the world and speak Dutch, French, English, German and some Spanish. I specialize in teaching beginner divers but I also can teach Deep, Aware, Nitrox, Wreck, Navigation, Drift, Photography, Emergency First Response, Rescue and Dive Master.

I’m also a licensed maintenance technician for all scuba equipment and handle compressors.

If you are a newbie or someone who wants to learn more about diving I’d love to guide you trough the process of becoming a happy diver so please call +34 672 027 193 or e-mail Mark@12dive.com.



My name is Monia and I am originally from Germany, but also lived in Ireland and Thailand for a long time. I discovered my passion for diving in Malaysia in 2011 while travelling the world and gained further experience in Australia and Thailand.

Since April 2018 I’ve been working for One Two Dive and decided to become a Divemaster and make diving part of my job!

For me, there is nothing better than to dive into the silence of the underwater world and to observe the marine life up close. I am always happy when I can share my fascination with our customers and bring them closer to the underwater world.



I grew up near Kiel at the baltic coast and since I was a child I was always on the water with my own boats. Diving mask and snorkel were never amiss. In 2014 I decided to join the apnea divers of the Unisport group in Kiel and learned how to free dive. I always felt comfortable and secure underwater. The next step to scuba diving was only a matter of time.

By coincidence I learned in 2017 that a diving club in Tenerife was looking for a trainee. My situation in Germany at that time allowed a change of scenery and I decided to become a divemaster. Since 2018 I live in Tenerife and never regretted the move. After my training as a divemaster I started working with One Two Dive where I have done many beautiful dives with my guests so far. For me diving is pure relaxation!

I just love the underwater world of Tenerife including all the diverse creatures that often look upon us as curiously and wonderingly as we do at them.

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