Make scuba diving in Tenerife even better

Every week there are lots of markets in Tenerife. They have many fabulous stalls on it. There is a large market situated a hundred metres away from the hotel. The markets in Tenerife are enjoyed by hundreds of tourists and residents alike on a daily basis. Unfortunately, these markets have a huge negative impact on our island and our oceans with the vast amount of rubbish they create, especially with the dicarded plastic bags that are dropped by store owners and customer alike.
This unwanted plastic menace gets taken by the wind and ends up in our beloved ocean, causing all kinds of problems there. The beautiful creatures that inhabit our ocean can get trapped in it or accidentally eat the litter.

One Two Dive wants to do as much as they can to protect the ocean and reduce the plastic waste. You can help One Two Dive by picking up the rubbish when you walk past it, not dropping litter on the floor and help to create awareness for this problem!


Together we can do more!

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