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The Underwater Winery



One Two Dive and Bodega
Submarina de Canarias

The underwater winery was created by three passionate divers:
Roberto Leandro González Gil, Alejandro Huitron de Velasco
and Mark Vanderhaegen.
Mark and Alex have been friends for over 12 years. Their friendship
is built on respect, hard work and their understanding of each other’s
uniqueness. They had the same goals and dreams and four years
ago they started a new adventure by creating an innovative
dive centre in Tenerife, One Two Dive.
On their opening day, they met Roberto, who shared his brilliant and
unique idea with them, the storage of wines underwater! Roberto is a
diver from the Canary Islands and has worked as a commercial diver
all his life.
Roberto’s knowledge, combined with the experience in recreational
diving that Alex and Mark have, made a perfect match to create the
best possible experience for the customer.

It took four years to realise this plan and for them to get to the
point where they are now. An amazing collaboration between
One Two Dive and Bodegas Submarinas de Canarias.
They worked together with the following state of mind:

“Believe in three incredible things each day, Even if no one else
believes in them, you are already successful if you realise even one.”


About the winery

Throughout history, men have always been obsessed by producing the best wine possible through knowledge and different processes.
While exploring what lies beneath the surface of our oceans and seas, man also discovered sunken amphora’s and bottles that if they were lucky were still drinkable and had a very particular taste.
Nowadays the process of maturing wines on the seabed has gained special interest and has become more scientifically studied to improve the success of the process.
Knowledge about time and depth underwater – water temperatures, currents, pressure, salinity – what types of grapes – what is the best cork to seal the wine flask – young wines, old wines, red, rosé or white – and many more factors.

We have gained the know-how.

Here in Tenerife, we have very interesting conditions to store our wines in a safe and ideal environment and we even go one step further.
You can visit these storage points – see the process with your own eyes and like in all wineries: TASTE THOSE WINES ON THE SPOT WHERE THEY MATURE.
One Two Dive in collaboration with Bodega Submarina de Canarias, is the only dive school in the world that is able to provide you with this unique experience of tasting wine underwater.
Bodega Submarina de Canarias started with the underwater wine storage project and is responsible for the technical and commercial part. Later on, One Two Dive joined to take care of the recreational part.

Both forces joined together, have been able to create a product that is unique in the world.

Storage Points

With commercial anchors and special openings for the boxes, currents will have negligible influence. Also the boxes are designed to deter trespassers.
The storage points are kept secret and are surveyed from the surface for suspicious trespassers.


We not only fulfil all the requirements but the structures also attract and protect marine life, in the same manner as artificial reefs and shipwrecks.
This will be a benefit for the marine diversity and the endangered and protected angel sharks, for whom the only remaining habitat left is here in the Canary Islands.
For Tenerife, we are already part of the cultural heritage of the Canary Islands.

Canarias & One Two Dive

Companies from all over the world can bring their wines to us in Tenerife: already bottled with the special cork and treated with an extra layer of wax.
Bodega Submarina de Canarias and One Two Dive can provide you with the knowledge of what cork to use. The number of months underwater (3, 6, or 12), will be up to the desires of the customer.
Of course, you will be given professional advice depending on the grape, age and colour of the wines.
In general, young wines are still more active and will be more influenced by this unique process. They mature three times faster.
We have special re-enforced marine steel boxes where we can store up to 8000 bottles per box. These boxes are secured to a base anchored to the seabed by commercial divers, who’s tasks are also to secure and inspect the area.

Tasting Experience

The underwater tasting experience

Alcohol and diving is a no-go in the whole world of scuba diving, as is consuming alcohol during your dive. To make this experience possible, One Two Dive did a lot of research and spoke to different medical experts asking for advise. In the end they found the solution: there is an amount of wine that we can safely consume even while diving underwater.
Drinking underwater is nearly impossible while SCUBA diving. Even if you manage to, you will most likely spoil your drink with salty seawater.
To make this possible, we have created a diving bell at 18 meters / 60 feet deep. Here you can comfortably take off your SCUBAregulator (second stage) from your mouth and taste this wonderful and ingenious product straight from the seabed.

Diving bell

There is an in depth dive briefing whilst commercial divers prepare the diving bell. These divers open the locks of the 4 -ton heavy doors, that protect our treasured bottles against theft, and fill the diving bell with air.
You will be guided to the winery by two instructors. Upon arrival the sommelier will bring your selected bottle to the diving bell.
The sommelier will open your bottle while giving a detailed description of the wine, and will pour you a 2cl glass for tasting.

After the tasting

The wine bottle will be sealed and secured and there will be a photo-shoot before returning to the shore.
On returning to shore, we will bring you to Bodegas Monje and you will be given a private tour and have the chance to taste a selection of wines and also have lunch at the restaurant, sampling their excellent cuisine.

Wine Tasting

Bodegas Monje

One Two Dive has a special partnership with one of the best wineries on the island, Bodegas Monje has been a family winery since 1750. Their wines perfectly complement the Spanish and Canarian cuisine.
The landscape surrounding the winery is a delight to behold: vineyards, mountains, the sea and the sun. It is a perfect spot to age and nurture wines.
Bodegas Monje was modernised in 1983 but still uses the original oak barrels. The winery combines century old methods with modern technology.
The Monje Restaurant has a panoramic terrace with a beautiful view over the vineyards, ocean, El Teide and the North of Tenerife.

Wine and brands

We have collaborations with a lot of different bodegas (wineries) of the Canary Islands:

Bodega Ferrera, Bodega S.A.T. Podiflora, Bodegas El Rebusco, Bodega La Haya, Bodega Reverón, Bodega LoHer, Bodega Presas Ocampo, Bodegas Monje, Mencey Chasna Bodega, Bodega La Grieta.

Bodegas Monje

The restaurant

The restaurant has two very special chefs.

The first chef is Moises Rodriguez, he is a very talented chef who started off as a waiter. Moises menu is very traditional which reflects the classic flavours of the family history.
The restaurant’s sous-chef is Ardenio Hidalgo. He learned how to cook in an official cooking school in La Palma, where he is originally from. He gained experience by working in different restaurants in Switzerland and the Basque Country.

The combined knowledge about Canarian culture and cooking skills of Moises and Ardenio make them an amazing team.

Not only do they have amazing wine and a beautiful restaurant, they also offer a variety of events throughout the year including art exhibitions, theatre, music concerts, gastronomy workshops, wine tastings and so much more.

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