Living on the Island.

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Living in another country is not always easy, especially if it is your first time being away from home. We as an internship provider want to do everything in order for you to feel comfortable here, working with us.

Team work is the biggest part for our dive center. We want to welcome you with open arms, and if there is anything you need (special) help with, just let us know and we can figure out a good solution together, as a Team.

Because in the end: Team work makes our dream work!

Living expenses.

As an intern you have the option to eat breakfast and lunch at the dive center, or the hotel on working days. Therefore, you only have to think about buying food or groceries in the evenings or you days off. Depending on you, you should plan in between 30 and 100 Euros per week regarding food.

The housing itself also depends on you. If you decide to live in the hostel La Tortuga nearby, you should plan in up to 500€ per month for accommodation. Depending on your lifestyle and expectations you can find apartments for more or less money as well.

For all courses (excluding Dive Master) you will have to pay a 95€ PADI fee. This fee goes directly to PADI and will cover the costs of your e-learning and Certification. The rest of the money will be for to the dive center to cover your course fees, however, you as an intern will get a 25% discount of that money.

Prices for you as an intern:
Open Water Course:                            316,25€
Advanced Open Water Course:         271,25€
EFR:                                                        166,25€
Rescue:                                                   361,25€
Deep Specialty (40 Meters):              166,25€
Nitrox Specialty:                                  166,25€

For the Dive Master Course, the PADI fee is a bit more expensive. It includes a crew package for 180€ and next that 100€ for your application form that will last one year.
Dive Master: 562,50€ + 280€ PADI FEE = 842,50€

What is there to see on Tenerife?

Even though the island itself is not super big, there is still much to see and explore around the island. Since Costa Adeje itself is the heart of Tourism it can feel good to get out and see something else.
Depending on what you feel like doing, you can decide between, going to the beach, going on a hike, or maybe go see Santa Cruz, the capital city of Tenerife.
The easiest way to do so is rent a car on your days off. With a car you can get basically anywhere on Tenerife.
If you feel like going to a beach, it can highly be recommended to not only check out the different beaches around the south, but also go to the north to see some big waves.
In case you decide to rent yourself a car, you can easily drive up to El Teide and go on various hikes on your way up, or on the volcano itself! Further it is best to take a car to check out the capital, Santa Cruz.

The benefits of an Internship with One Two Dive.

Go Diving
Internships can be challenging at times. To go diving is a great way to disconnect from the world for a while and clear your head for new ideas.
Relaxed Manner
We teach you everything in a relaxed manner, step by step. No matter if its diving, or university related tasks. There are no stupid questions.
Amazing Location
We are located in Costa Adeje, in the heart of tourism. Walking distance to the beach, close to supermarkets, restaurants and only 2 min to the bus stop.
Comfortable Office
Unlimited coffee, snacks, a comfy sofa and a lunch break under palm trees. Sounds like a good place to work? Welcome to our office.
Environmental friendly – Padi Green star award
The PADI Green Star™ Dive Center Award is granted to PADI Dive Centers and Resorts that demonstrate a dedication to conservation across a wide range of business functions, including water conservation, energy use, environmentally friendly transportation practices, use of sustainable materials, conservation leadership and a donation to conservation through Project AWARE. The Green Star Award identifies dive businesses that care about the environment and are acting to protect it.

Are you ready for your scuba diving adventure?